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TIP 3. Understand the fears of your customers – and guarantee to address them

While the positive ways in which you can differentiate yourself are vital for growing your business, so are the negatives.

By this I mean that if you understand the reasons why potential customers may not want to buy from you, you can address these and so reassure those people enough to change their minds.

The negatives are often more about the image of the industry you are in than the reality of your own company.

What about an example?

Building is a good case in point.

Ask almost anyone and they have a horror story to tell about builders, or they have seen a TV programme which has left a deep impression about the damage to property and lives which can be done by a poor builder.

The result is an industry which has a rough reputation with people fearful of being ripped off, of work not being completed or carried out properly, of expensive repairs, of disrupted lives and consequences felt for many years to come.

So does this mean that every builder is shoddy and unreliable? Of course not!

But what it does mean is that if you want to give yourself a positive difference over your competitors then you have to understand the negatives of your industry – and address them.

And negatives there will be. Every industry has its critics – from accountants to zoologists, from manufacturers to retailers – just ask your friends!

How can you take advantage of this?

This is where you can steal a march on other companies by, for example, offering a guarantee.

If people are worried that, in your industry, companies do not turn up on time, or that they fail to deliver, or that their services do not produce the results required, then your company can address those concerns with a guarantee.

Giving a written promise that you will do what you say you will do will help give your potential customers the confidence to overcome their fears of your industry, and therefore, the barriers to sales for your company.

How will you underwrite your promise?

However, even a written guarantee is not worth the paper it is printed on unless there is either a cost to you, or a gain for the customer, that underwrites your promise in the real world – and is set high enough to impress the buyer.

By publicly giving guarantees which have some bite you will differentiate your company from the competition, address the fears of potential customers and reassure them it is safe to buy from you – and so increase your sales.

In my next Blog we will look at a great way to get more from your customers using an e-newsletter.


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