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Tip 4 – How to get more from your customers with an engaging e-newsletter

By sending out a regular e-newsletter to current and potential clients you are not just staying in touch, you are also able to offer news of immediate interest and value.

That can be information they can use to develop their business, a special offer to encourage them to buy a product or service from you, a case study which demonstrates the real benefits of what you provide etc.

The objective being that you establish and build your own credibility as someone they are confident to deal with, and so more likely to buy services or products from – again and again!

To achieve this it is important that your newsletter:
* Provides information which is of genuine value to them
* Shows practical ways you can meet their needs or solve their problems
* Helps differentiate you from your competitors.

Once you are clear about what you want your newsletter to achieve you need to be equally clear about who it is going to be sent to.

Who Are Your Target Markets?
If you don’t know who your target markets are it will be almost impossible to attract them.

That much is pretty obvious, however it is astonishing how many business people make the mistake of taking a blanket approach to what they send out to ‘let’s see if something will stick’.

It may be that the odd sale is made, however the ‘let’s see’ method of marketing tends to fail most of the time. Even a rudimentary analysis will show that the cost per sale of a blanket approach is much higher than if you focus on a smaller, but more targetted audience who are more likely to want your specific product or service.

So you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with, what they’re interested in and what’s going to make them buy from you.

Let’s get specific:
Age: How old are they and does this affect their needs and the way they buy?
Gender: Does this influence their attitudes, purchasing times etc?
Income: Are they looking for top quality, cheapest, best value?
Location: Do they have to be local to buy your product or service, or could they buy from you from another country, for example using the Web or mail order?
Motives & Interests: Why would they buy from you? Do they have common interests?  For example, if you are selling high end cookery pans it is likely that most of your target audience will share an interest in food and new recipes.

What Do You Want To Say?
Although a newsletter will keep your name in front of customers, at the end of the day it needs to bring you more business.

To do this it cannot be a relentless sales pitch simply telling readers to buy – as we saw at the start of this Blog, it has to demonstrate the real value to them of dealing with you.

In effect you are selling without looking like you are trying to sell.

The easiest way to do this is by featuring articles on the benefits of your products or services, and using case studies to show how other customers, similar to themselves, have benefitted from what you have to offer.

It’s essential that WHAT you say is appealing to WHO you are trying to say it to.

USP & Guarantee
Two things that you should consider including in your newsletter are your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and any guarantees – see my earlier Blogs for insights into these: and .

Tips & Hints Section
Tips & Hints are a great way to show value to readers and encourage them to interact with you. A lot of people worry whether or not their customers are going to read their newsletter, let alone act on it. The best way to ensure that they not only read it, but also look forward to each new issue, and even collect them, is to include some handy hints.

Happy hunting!


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