About Neil Canty..

I’ve had over 35 years experience of working with both large and
small businesses, helping to develop profit improvement strategies as
well as building better performing teams.

This has been carried out during both the good times as well as the
bad! I know how difficult it can be to focus on developing a business
for the long term whilst at the same time dealing with the day to day
pressures of running a demanding business.

Accordingly, I can relate to your challenges in today’s difficult
environment and together with the business solutions available
through ActionCOACH, I am able to provide you with guidance as
to how to identify practical solutions to the problems in your
particular business.

helping you work ON your business
…not IN your business’


I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and have since had over 30
years experience as the Finance Director of some seven companies
with a turnover ranging from £1m to £1bn, including two companies
listed on the Stock Exchange and a successful flotation.

I have worked overseas in a number of countries, including The
Netherlands, Australia, Bahrain and Africa and been directly
responsible for up to 475 staff.

I am now utilising my corporate experience to show the owners of
small to medium size businesses how to deliver significantly
improved profits, more productive teams and reduced hours of work in their business.

so what?
Well, if you are feeling that there must be a better way to run your
business, that delivers the benefits you aspired to when you first set out
on your own, then I can probably help you find it!
I can work with you to identify the key issues that are preventing you
from realising the true potential of your business and suggest practical
ways to resolve those difficulties. This need not be unduly time
consuming for you, probably just an hour or so a week, at times and
locations to suit you. In time, we can work through your challenges and
enable you to achieve improved profitability and a better work/life
balance. ActionCOACH business coaches have done this for many
business owners like yourself over the last 17 years and I can do it for
you too.
The ActionCOACH organisation, with over 1,000 coaches operating
in some 27 countries worldwide, has established a tremendous amount
of intellectual property, business knowledge and practical experience,
all of which is readily available to me to help you.

So, if I don’t happen to have the answer to a particular challenge you
are facing, the chances are that somebody in the ActionCOACH
system will, because at least one ActionCOACH coach from our
worldwide network will have either worked with, managed, worked in
or even owned a business that was the same or very similar to yours.
ActionCOACH, as an organisation, are not preachers. Whatever we
teach you or show you how to do, we have implemented not only in our
business but thousands of other businesses around the world. I’m there
to help you, encourage you and guide you to become the business
person that you want to be, and to make your business into the
successful concern that you dreamt it would be when you founded it.
Your knowledge of your business combined with my experience and
the practical know-how available in the ActionCOACH system
regarding sales and marketing, team building, customer service,
systems and business development, make a powerful team to deliver
you success.

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